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The new standard for dimensional property data and digital twins.

We work with property owners, insurance providers, organizations, and homeowners to set a new standard in the accessibility and quality of dimensional property data. By being proactive and focusing on documenting this property data, along with the accompanying virtual tour, a complete digital twin of the property can be created and shared easily across multiple platforms and industries.

Our proactive data approach helps reduce costs and liabilities for your property by providing an accurate, reliable, and accessible data foundation.

Selling Your Business? Renting Out Office Space?

Our Safeguard Tour captures high-resolution 360° HDR images, creating an immersive indoor and outdoor virtual tour, allowing prospective clients to visit and ‘walk’ the property. These tours help showcase your property and is the only tour that can be upgraded to Safeguard+ and protect your property in the event of a claim.

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

"The virtual tour greatly reduces the property visits!"

"Using Safeguard+ property data helps me complete an insurance claim repair project in half the time, reducing cost and increasing revenue. The virtual tour greatly reduces the property visits by me and the adjusters."

Kory B., Owner of Elite General Contracting & Restoration


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