Elevate Your Architectural Vision with ForeFront360

Harness the power of ForeFront360. As an architect, visualize and communicate your designs with precision using detailed floor plans and DWG files. These files, supported by AutoCAD, Revit, and other drafting software, provide immersive experiences and data-rich insights tailored for architectural design.


Replace costly and manual space documentation methods with a system that captures thousands of LiDAR measurements quickly and efficiently, enhancing accuracy.

Key features of the Floor Plans and DWG files include:

  • AIA (American Institute of Architects) standard layers
  • Annotations including labels, area totals, objects, dimensions, etc.
  • LOD 200 (level of development)
  • 3D walkthrough: experience the facility virtually
  • Advanced In-tour Measurements

Why ForeFront360 for architecture firms?

ForeFront360 provides essential tools for architecture and engineering firms, contractors, and others, enhancing design, planning, and client presentations. Our platform offers precise property data collection, DWG files, detailed floor plans, and advanced measurement functions within virtual tours, reducing measurement errors and costly adjustments. With 3D virtual tours and high-resolution imagery, architects gain a comprehensive view of sites, visualize changes, and integrate existing features into new designs. These tools also improve client presentations by offering virtual tours and a tangible feel of design concepts. For site history or retrofitting, detailed documentation helps preserve and understand existing elements. ForeFront360 streamlines operations, boosts design capabilities, reduced site visits, and enhances client engagement.

Stand Out With an Innovative Incentive

ForeFront360 offers a unique incentive for architects and engineers using our floor plans and DWG files by providing the ability to offer property owners optional insurance optimization and protection.

Property owners and managers can upgrade the DWG floor plan package to our full Safeguard+ package, helping to ensure property insurance coverage, claim efficiency, and expedited repairs protecting their investment. 

Insurance Optimization

Leverage precise property details for informed insurance negotiations, ensuring optimal coverage, premium savings, and streamlined claim processing to safeguard educational investments. Furthermore, gain access to our team of insurance experts to assist you through the intricacies of property insurance and claims.

Comprehensive Project Visualization

Access dimensional property data, floor plans, and immersive 3D virtual experiences with advanced measurement functions to better understand project specifications, ensuring fewer revisions and cost overruns.

Streamlined Communication

Provide clients and stakeholders with periodic updates and virtual tours, fostering transparency and strengthening client-contractor relationships.

Enhanced Bidding Process

Stand out in bid competitions by offering potential clients a 3D virtual experience of past projects and demonstrating your commitment to precision and quality.

Enhanced Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement

Attract potential clients and investors with high-quality virtual tours and property data, making your commercial space stand out in a competitive market.

Integrated Design & Planning

Combine ForeFront360's insights and multiple data file formats with your design software for a smoother workflow and enhanced project coordination.

Comprehensive Construction Phase Documentation

Utilize ForeFront360 to capture and document every phase of construction. This ensures transparency, aids in quality assurance, and provides invaluable records for future reference or renovations.

ForeFront360 Floor Plans

Unleash Your Design Potential with ForeFront360

Equip your architectural endeavors with the precision and innovation of ForeFront360.

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