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ForeFront360 is a startup founded by a team of former insurance adjusters and insurance experts with over 75 years of combined knowledge, military veterans, and industry and operational experts that set out to revolutionize the property claims process with a proactive data-driven approach.   

By providing a proactive data approach to the claims process we will be able to assist, support, and prepare property owners and insurance carriers for the inevitable property claim. Over the years we have seen too many property owners struggle through the property claims process only to end up worse off than before and insurance carriers struggle to gather the required data to close claims quickly and efficiently. There is no reason for families to be displaced for extended periods of time, have to live or work in damaged properties, have to pay out-of-pocket for repairs, or for properties to never be repaired back to their ‘before’ state. We believe our insurance should take care of us as expected and insurance carriers should have the most current and accurate data to do so in the most accurate, efficient, and cost-effective way.

Our culture is inspired and cultivated by each member of our team. We believe our values: integrity, respect, quality, and community will be the driving force for our team to influence positive change in the insurance industry and each other.   


What if I remodel, reroof, or make significant changes to my property?  

Contact us and we can add an addendum to your report and update your claim packet to ensure all your information is up-to-date and ready. We recommend updating your report as soon as changes are completed to avoid any delays in the event of a claim. Not sure if your changes are significant or important for your Safeguard+ Property Report or Claim Packet? Contact our team and we will advise if an updated report is needed. Contact us for pricing.  

What if I sell my property?
Safeguard+ is an excellent addition and incentive for potential buyers. New property owners can purchase Safeguard+ at a discounted rate, a new 360° scan will be completed, and any personal data will be updated to the new property owner’s information.  

What to do if filing a claim?
After you file a claim, you can provide your Insurance Claim Packet to your adjuster, contractor, public adjuster, or attorney. You may be able to provide your Claim Packet to your agent to keep on file in the event of the claim. Speak with your agent to decide on the best approach. Review our separate Claim Checklist & Guidance document to ensure you are prepared for a claim.  

How does Safeguard+ expedite my claim?
Having the data readily available for your insurance company at the time your claim is filed allows them to shorten their inspection and estimate preparation process. In the event of a natural disaster, when yours is one of the thousands of claims being filed, having that data allows your adjuster to save time and reduce their workload, increasing the likelihood that your claim is prioritized for completion so then can then move on to take care of other claims.  

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